Leasing A Mazda Mazda3 I Sport 90

Leasing A Mazda, Los Angeles CA – Galpin Mazda

Deciding if you should lease a Mazda in the Los Angeles area? Leasing comes with numerous advantages such as an affordable price point, lower down payment and the ability to try out a new car every few years.

If you like to change your vehicle every few years then leasing may be a good option for you. Newer cars have more advanced safety features, the latest design features and infotainment options. Car makers generally update their models every few years and a never model may have slight redesigns, upgrades and additional features not available on older models. Some vehicles may undergo drastic exterior changes during a certain year. When you lease you get access to the greatest and latest offering that an auto manufacturer has to offer. Leasing may also be an attractive option for individuals who need a vehicle for professional or business use such as sales or real estate agents.

Monthly payments also tend to be significantly lower vs purchasing which allows buyers to drive a vehicle which may be out of their price range if buying. Luxury leases are very popular for this reason. Many consumers find themselves driving cars with more options and higher trim levels when leasing. Many dealers also often offer specials on lease deals which can be very attractive price point wise.

One of the disadvantages of leasing is that you don’t own the car outright once the lease is finished although you may have an option to purchase. There may also be mileage limitations and you may incur penalties for going over the mileage.

Check out our specials and lease section for current Mazda lease offers in the Los Angeles area.


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