Now Available: Apple CarPlay/Android Auto Retrofit

Does The 2019 Mazda Cx 5 Come With Apple Carplay And Android Auto O
Galpin Mazda is pleased to announce that Apple CarPlay/Android Auto is now available as an accessory to retrofit Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on older Mazda Model
What vehicles qualify?
For any 2014 or newer Mazda vehicle owner that is currently equipped with the Mazda Connect System they have the ability to get Apple CarPlay or Android Auto in their vehicle.
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What do you get with the retrofit?
The retrofit is more than just a software bump as the upgrade includes the latest version of Mazda Connect with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto compatibility. In addition to the latest version of Mazda Connect, the USB ports are upgraded to more powerful and faster-Charging 2.1 amp units. Smartphone applications will function through the Smart Command interface using the multi-function knob, shortcut buttons, and or voice commands.
How much does it cost and where can I get it done?
Owners of applicable vehicles can call and schedule a visit to the Galpin Mazda Service Department. It requires allot 2 hours for the completion of the service.
The cost of the service is $479.99 plus tax.
Why get the Apple CarPlay/Android Auto retrofit?
Apple CarPlay and Android Auto allow users to project many of the functions and apps from their smartphone to the in-dash screen in the vehicle after plugging the phone into the vehicle using a USB. By just hooking up your iPhone or Android device to the cable, you will turn your Mazda Connect System into a mirror image of your device using the Apple CarPlay/Android Auto system.