Mazda Mobility Program

Mazda Mobility Program Cash Bonus Incentive

Mazda USA will reimburse up to $1,000 toward the purchase and installation of adaptive driving aids or mobility assistance equipment on all eligible Mazda vehicles. Adaptive driving or passenger equipment includes, but is not limited to, wheelchair or other lift equipment, and hand or other driving controls. Accessories are not eligible for the Mazda Mobility Program. The purchase and installation of equipment that costs less than the maximum $1,000 will be covered at the actual cost. The purchase and installation of equipment exceeding $1,000 will be covered up to $1,000.
The program is available on all new and unused 2019MY, 2020MY and 2021MY Mazda vehicles.

Proof of Eligibility

Please note that this program is NOT eligible for Autopay, as additional documents are required. The following documents must be submitted to Mazda Program Headquarters for claim redemption:
  • A legible copy from an authorized Mazda Dealer of an original mobility owner’s signed Bill of Sale or purchase contract for a new, unused Mazda vehicle
  • A copy of the current registration or title
  • A copy of the purchaser’s current driver’s license
  • A copy of the Mobility Assistance Claim Form
  • A legible copy of the paid invoice(s) by the original vehicle owner for the adaptive driving aids/mobility assistance equipment installed on the purchased vehicle by a qualified installation provider
  • A copy of the original vehicle owner’s physician’s statement identifying the specific need(s) for mobility assistance
The current owner’s vehicle must be titled/registered under his or her name, which must match the name on the purchaser’s current driver’s license, or the address on the title or registration must match the address on the purchaser’s current driver’s license or other proof of residency (e.g. prior month’s utility bill in name of purchaser at current address, current property tax bill in name of purchaser at current address).
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